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Multilingual ScalableUniformGlobal

Centralized and Standardized Native Customer Support Services Worldwide

Sole provider of all Major Languages and Dialects in the World

International Marketplace of Premium Contact Center Projects for Remote Talents

We are TalentWorldGroup

TalentWorldGroup is a Revolutionary Multilingual Contact Center and the International Marketplace of Premium Customer Support Projects for Remote Talents.

TWG is on the mission to reinvent professional Home-Based Working, build the Workplace of the Future, and make Outsourcing Uniquely Simple and Flexible for our Clients as never before.

We disrupt the Contact Center industry and aim to become the New Global Standard for International Customer Service Outsourcing and Remote Working worldwide.

We understand Cultural Diversity and as a sole provider support All Major Languages and Dialects in the World.

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Global Game Changer

Multilingual ∙ Scalable ∙ Uniform ∙ Global

Revolutionary Operations Model and Reinvented Professional Home-Based Working developed to Simplify Outsourcing for our Clients, attract and retain the Best Talents and make our Services Extremely Flexible and Truly Global.

Our Clients can now freely focus on their International Business Development and take any Native Language Support for granted, on Consistent Quality, with Unique Scalability and Ultimate Data Protection worldwide as Easy as never before.

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TalentWorldGroup - Global Game Changer

TWG is a Revolutionary Multilingual Contact Center and the International Marketplace of Premium Customer Care Projects for Remote working Talents.

We make Outsourcing uniquely Simple for our Clients and provide a Global Workplace for real Talents to make a difference.

We have reinvented professional Home-Based Working, understand Cultural Diversity and as a sole provider support all Major Languages and Dialects in the world.

Our Core Values based Legendary Customer Service and Revolutionary Operations Model are developed around our Clients’ real needs in the digital age, enabling them to focus on their Global Business Development and take Any Language Support for granted with Consistent Quality Delivery and Target Reporting Worldwide.

TWG is a people’s company and we put people first. Our Unique Corporate Culture and Employee Experience Journey allow us to attract and retain the Best International Talents and Deliver on Premium Quality in any parts of the World.

For More Information Please visit our “Client Site” or Contact us, Let’s Do Something Amazing Together!

Our Amazing Services

Think Global – Expect Amazing!

We deliver with Speed, on Premium Quality and offer the Best Value for Money Worldwide!

Working closely with our Clients, we Centralize and Standardize Inbound and Outbound Customer Care Services, use State of the Art Technology with Ultimate Data Protection, Scale from one day to another and provide Consistent Premium Quality Services on All Channels, on Any Languages, All Year Round.

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TalentWorldGroup - Our Amazing Services

Multilingual ScalableUniformGlobal

We Centralize and Standardize Native Customer Support Services Worldwide and offer a Premium One-Stop-Shop Solution for Unlimited Multilingual Outsourcing.

TWG has disrupted the Traditional Contact Center Industry trends and developed a Revolutionary Operations Model that is built around our Clients’ Real Needs in the Digital Age.

Business Process Outsourcing is about Responsibility and Trust. Our Clients Trust us with their Clients’ and Consumers’ portfolios where we Responsibly Manage their Touchpoints, become their Voice and help them Build their Brand Worldwide.

We aim to become a True and Trusted Partner of our Clients by adding Value and Meaning to Everything we do.

For More Information Please visit our “Client Site” or Contact us with Confidence,
Let’s Do Something Amazing Together!

Zen Project Management

So Easy and Agile! Servicing Experience!

Our Revolutionary Operations Model and Service Delivery Excellence makes Outsourcing for our Clients as Easy and Comfortable as never before!

It is not only what we offer, how we deliver it matters!
TWG - Not only a Great Service, a True Experience!

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TalentWorldGroup - Zen Project Management

Outsourcing is Complex, and We are here to Make it Simple and Easy for our Clients! We offer a Complex Outsourcing Solution Worldwide and deliver Always on Time, on Scope with Premium Quality and on the Best Rates.

The Perception of Great Customer Service success is dependent on WHAT is being delivered, by WHO and HOW.

TWG offers an Innovative fresh Approach and a One-Stop-Shop Solution for Native Multilingual Customer Support Outsourcing Worldwide. Our Success is our People and we are just as Strong as our Weakest link is. We Handpick our Unique Talents’ team ensuring our delivery is not only a Great Service, but a True Experience for our Clients

To make Outsourcing Simple for our Cients, we have Disrupted the Contact Center Industry and the Old-Fashioned best practices, Simplified and Standardized our Worldwide Operation and Made our Delivery Uniquely Agile and Flexible.

TWG's Zen Project Management is a Shock Absorbing Approach, providing Comfort and Steering Stability for our Clients, Smoothing out the Journey and offering a Premium Ride Quality by not only keeping all Projects in Control, however by the unique way of How they are Delivered.

To ensure our Client’s Best Experience and Projects’ Results, at our entire Global Delivery Team:

Professional Home-Based Working - Reinvented

In the Age of Technology, our World is becoming Smaller and Connected thought Widely Available High Performing Computing Devices and Telecom Networks. Professional Home-Based Working is no longer the Question of the Technical Ability, however the Corporate Culture, Engagement and Communication.

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TalentWorldGroup - Professional Home-Based Working – Reinvented

Short history of Home-Based Working

Home-Based Working (HBW) is the part of the 21st century’s HR Rrevolution that had started to evolve with Telecommuting in 1970’s America. The early stage Uncertainties can be still found in Several Today’s Major Corporations’ solutions that experiment HBW and/or Result Only Working Environments (ROWE). Home-Based Working, Virtual Teams and Turn Key Project Management require Different Thinking and Establishment in order to be turned into a Benefit and a Sustainable Work Model. Even large, Competence Leading Organizations tend to make their People feel “They Are by Themselves” and Revoke Such Programs after Few Months’ Trials.

Professional Home-Based Working – Reinvented

In the Age of Technology, our World is becoming Smaller and Connected thought Widely Available High Performing Computing Devices and Telecom Networks. Professional Home-Based Working is no longer the Question of the Technical Ability, however the Corporate Culture, Engagement and Communication.

TWG has Mastered Team Communication (TWG Connect) and Developed a Unique Corporate Culture (TWG SOUL) that is our Glue and Connects and Engages us Worldwide with Passion for Uniqueness and Perfection. We Created a Novel Work Process (TWG Model and Zen Project Management) that Ensures Flawless Delivery with Never Seen Flexibility and full Consistency Without Limitations.

TWG is Creating the Workplace of the Future by Eliminating the Physical Limitations of the Creative Mind and Has Built an Earned Values and Gamification based Inner World, the TWG EcoSystem, we call “The TalentWorld”.

In our Demanding Environment, that Connects People from Every Corner of the World though Common Core Values and Strong Culture, it is Only the Results and Quality Delivery Matter and Define Who We Are.

Home-Based is Home-Based.

A Home-based office is not a Lap Top and a Mobile Phone that We Grab and Run to the Corner Coffee Shop to Work on Free Pubic Wi-Fi.

The Remote, at Home Office is a Heavily Tested, Qualified, Approved and Constantly Audited Home-Based Workstation that is Outside of our Company’s HQ and fully Complies with All Security, Technical and Operational Requirements. Co-Working Spaces and any level of Connectivity through Private or Public Wi-Fi Networks are Non-Compliant and Strictly Prohibited!

Home-Based Workstations have Strict Technical Requirements detailed on our “Agent Site” (available from this Webpage)

Any changes in such Approved Locations or Equipment’s require a New Process of Testing’s and Approvals from our Internal Support and Compliance teams.

For More Information Please visit our “Client Site” or Contact us with Confidence,
Let’s Do Something Amazing Together!

TalentWorldGroup - WOW “ALL IN” Pricing

This is really WOW!

TWG offers the Best Value for Money on the International Scale in Multilingual Outsourcing!

Our Competitive and Consistent Rates and Flexible Services Solutions Worldwide make Financial and Business Planning Simple, Predictable and Affordable for Our Clients.

For More Information or a Tailored WOW “ALL IN” Price and Solution     Proposal,     Please   Contact   us   with   Confidence,

Let’s Do Something Amazing Together!

What makes our agents different?

TalentWorldGroup is a people’s company! Our success is our people and we put people first!

A handpicked, global team of real talents with exceptional skills and personal drive, combined with passion to always raise the bar, deliver uniqueness and to make the world reputable and trustworthy.

We are just as strong as our weakest member; and we select people who we can trust to pack our parachutes.

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TalentWorldGroup - What Makes Our Agents Different?

TalentWorldGroup is a People’s Company, and our Success is our People.

It is Always the People that Make the Difference and it is Never Enough to Attract the Best Talents; the Art is Not to Demotivate Them, Keep them Engaged, Connected, Focused and Driven with Clear Goals and Development Opportunities on Longer Terms.

A large Majority of our Service Delivery Quality relies on our CSR Agents, They are our Key Asset and Must be Recognized and Managed Accordingly. Our Agents are our Partners and Brand Ambassadors. We don’t Hire People only on Projects Basis, we Inspire and offer Long-term Career Opportunities with the Clear aim to Fully Engage Them and Grow with Them.

In the World of TWG, our Talents and Talent Management itself are the Key. We have Eliminated all Traditional Mass Management Tools, Uncaged Human Capital Management and have Built our Organization around a Unique Culture and Individuals that are Ready to Make a Difference.

The New Phycology of Success is Mindset, that is the Matter of a Decision. Success is a Choice that requires Strong Discipline and Endurance.

We Work Hard to Attract and Retain those Real Talents that Share our Passion, Fit our Unique and Demanding Culture and Understand the Consistent Day by Day Hard Work behind Every Key Achievement. It is the Matter of being Ready when Opportunity Comes By.

All our Agents are Also Different!

Comparing our Agents and Supervisors with Contact Center Employees, the Difference is Clearly Visible. Talents in the 21st Century cannot be Boxed into Cubicles, Mass Managed and Motivated by Short Term Financial Rewards and Basic Goals. They will get Demotivated, will not Perform, but Leave!

Talents Cannot be Retained in Low Performing Environments, They need Great Goals, Challenges, Development Opportunities and a High Performing Fully Connected Team with People that Share the Same Passion and Think Similar.

For More Information Please visit our “Client Site” or Contact us with Confidence,
Let’s Do Something Amazing Together!

Data Protection

We understand the responsibility behind outsourcing, your data is safe with us!

Working with data from our customers and employees worldwide, and with the increasing emphasis on data security in the existing climate of data breaches and hacking, TWG takes the highest level of view and focus on enterprise and personal data protection. (Including compliance to the EU 2016/679 Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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TalentWorldGroup - Ultimate Data Protection

Data protection continues to be our key focus, as does the emphasis on cloud IT Security. Your data is safe with us!

As an International Cloud Contact Center, that Supports All Major Languages in the World, employs Home-Based Agents from 100+ Countries and processes Fortune 500 Clients’ Data Worldwide, our Data Protection and IT Security Standards are extremely Unique and must Comply with Every Counties’ Regulations in the World, including the EU GDPR. (The EU 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - came into force on 25 May 2018)

TWG is proud to have Partnered, and to Work with KURT Zrt on the fields of IT Security including International Data Protection, Cybersecurity, Compliance, Incident Management and Business Continuity (GDPR, BCM / BCP and DRP / and ISO 27001). Their Modular design IT GRC System, the SeCube System enables our Organization’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) to be Developed, to be Transparent and Controllable.

Our Centralized Data Storage Servers are located at INVITECH DC10, the first TIER III Data Center in the Central European Region with Redundant and Dual-Powered Servers, Storage, Network Links and other IT Components and Employee VPN Accesses. (All our IT components are Powered with Multiple, Active and Independent Sources of Power and Cooling Resources).

Our Firewall is provided by Sophos XG Empowering us with the World's Best Visibility, Protection, and Response.

For More Information Please visit our “Client Site” or Contact us with Confidence, Let’s Do Something Amazing Together!

State of The Art Technology

TalentWorldGroup is a highly technology enabled organization!

Our Novel Call Handling Systems, TIER 1 IP Telecom Networks and TIER III VPN Based Data Center solutions enable us to provide premium quality and fully OMNI Channel services, with delay-free connectivity and bulletproof data protection in any countries of the world, including cloud-based telephony payments with PCI DSS certified technology and pre-built payment gateways.

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State of The Art Technology

TWG is a Highly Technology-Based Organization and our Services would not have been available the way they are today just one decade ago!

We Support and Connect the World Without Delays on Premium Quality, with Ultimate Security and Stable Business Continuity.

For More Information Please visit our “Client Site” or Contact us with Confidence, Let’s Do Something Amazing Together!

Our Valued Clients

Legendary customer service is the part of our corporate culture and we mean it.

We walk all extra miles for our clients and aim to become their true valued partner acting with care and reasonability helping them to grow their business and go international.

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TalentWorldGroup – Our Valued Clients

We treat clients like family, with passion, respect, trust and care! It is import we resonate well
and share the same core values. We mean business and client relationship.

Sample Clients and Services:


Market leading European retailer of products and accessories. (HQ: London, UK)

Service: 8/5 E-Commerce and Customer Support with Telephony Payment (PCI DSS)

Market: European region, 7 countries in 2 Time Zones

Languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish


A Nasdaq technology company (HQ: San Francisco, USA)

Service: 24/7 Tier 1&2 Technical Support

Market: Americas and APAC region, 15 countries in 12 Time Zones

Languages: French, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Chinese and English


International platform with 5M configuration options, offering

E-Commerce Services across Europe. (HQ: London, UK)

Service: 14/7 Consumer Data Confirmation

Market: European region, 5 countries in 2 Time Zones

Languages: Spanish, French, German, English and Polish

For more information, please contact us today, let’s do something Amazing together!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

With the complete support of our C-Suite and the entire TWG Team, we continue to expand our activism on, and investment in, the issues that matter to our employees, customers and communities.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our Advocated Roots of Socially Responsible Behavior:

Our Key Principles : Our Core Subjects :
Accountability Organizational governance
Transparency Human rights
Ethical behavior Labor practices
Respect for every stakeholder interest Environmental protection
Respect for the rule of law Fair operating practices
Respect for international norms of behavior Community involvement and development
Logistics Consumer issues
Privacy and data protection

For More Information Please visit our “Client Site” or Contact us with Confidence,
Let’s Do Something Amazing Together!

Our Unique Culture

TWG is a truly people’s company and we put our people first!

Being an international organization, with people from all corners of the world, our cores values are the glue that connects us and makes us who we are.

In the world of TWG our talents and talent management itself are the key. We have eliminated all traditional mass management tools, uncaged Human Capital Management and have built our company around a unique culture and individuals that are ready to make a difference.

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TalentWorldGroup – Our Unique Culture

Being an International Organization, with People from All Corners of the World, our Cores Values are the Glue that Connects us and Makes us Who We Are. Cultural Diversity is our Spice and Flavor, however when it comes to our Business, we are looking for Talents that’s Share our Passion, Believe in our Common Gool and the Way How we Plan to get There.

Our Core Values are the Pillars of our Unique Corporate Culture that we Develop Together, Strongly Believe in and Live up Day by Day. Each of us Individually Represent our Community and the Uniqueness that we have Built and are Building Together.

Our Success is our People and we are just as Strong as our Weakest Member is! The Team Matters, and the Team Starts with Every Individual!

Trust is Never Granted by Default, it can only be Earned with Actions and Shared Values though Common Momentums with Time. We aim to Build a Team where Any of our Members Could Pack our Parachutes!

At TWG Everyone is Special, and People come First!
In our World where Everyone is Equally Important and Trusts the other with Closed Eyes. Our Communication is Transparent with No Hidden Agendas. We are Fully Connected; All our Voices are Heard, and We Speak to each Other and not about Each Other. We have Pushed Physical Limitations of the Mind to the Past and made only the Talent and Contribution Matter.

We all Truly Believe in and Live up day by day Our Core Values, that Define our Unique Culture, Who We Are and How We Make Decisions.

Languages and Dialects

TWG is a truly international organization connecting the world without any limitations. As a sole provider we support all major languages and dialects in the world.

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TalentWorldGroup – Languages and Dialects

TWG Supports All Major Languages and Dialects in the World. We Centralize and Standardize our Clients’ Customer Care Services Worldwide and Make Outsourcing Uniquely Simple. Our Clients can now Focus on their Global Business Development and Take Any Language Support for Granted on the Same Premium Quality and Standard Target Reporting.

Choose Any Language or Dialect, We Support it:
All our Agents and Supervisors are Native Speakers in their Prime Language(s), Possess Complete Cultural Awareness and Local experience, and Speak High Level English as the Official Language of our Global Operation.

Each Project Member is Handpicked together with our Clients and Constantly Trained to Provide Premium, Native and Uniform Services on any parts of the World.

Our Agent Pool is Unlimited on the Languages, Dialects and able to Support Special Projects with Special Agent Competence.

All our Services are Further Localized though the Native Mid-Level Management (Japanized, Koreanized Services)

  • alb (B) | sqi (T) - Albanian

  • ara - Arabic

  • arm (B) | hye (T) - Armenian

  • arm (B) | hye (T) - Armenian

  • aus - Australian languages

  • bos - Bosnian

  • bul - Bulgarian

  • bur (B) | mya (T) - Burmese

  • cat - Catalan; Valencian

  • chi (B) | zho (T) - Chinese

  • hrv - Croatian

  • cze (B) | ces (T) - Czech

  • dan - Danish

  • dum - Dutch, Middle (ca.1050-1350)

  • dut (B) | nld (T) - Dutch; Flemish

  • eng - English

  • est - Estonian

  • fil - Filipino; Pilipino

  • fin - Finnish

  • fre (B) | fra (T) - French

  • geo (B) | kat (T) - Georgian

  • ger (B) | deu (T) - German

  • gre (B) | ell (T) - Greek, Modern (1453-)

  • haw - Hawaiian

  • heb - Hebrew

  • him - Himachali languages; Western Pahari languages

  • hin - Hindi

  • hun - Hungarian

  • ind - Indonesian

  • ira - Iranian languages

  • gle - Irish

  • iro - Iroquoian languages

  • ita - Italian

  • jpn - Japanese

  • kaz - Kazakh

  • kir - Kirghiz; Kyrgyz

  • kon - Kongo

  • kor - Korean

  • kur - Kurdish

  • lav - Latvian

  • lit - Lithuanian

  • ltz - Luxembourgish; Letzeburgesch

  • mac (B) | mkd (T) - Macedonian

  • may (B) | msa (T) - Malay

  • mlt - Maltese

  • mon - Mongolian

  • cnr - Montenegrin

  • nep - Nepali

  • nor - Norwegian

  • pan - Panjabi; Punjabi

  • per (B) | fas (T) - Persian

  • pol - Polish

  • por - Portuguese

  • rum (B) | ron (T) - Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan

  • rus - Russian

  • sat - Santali

  • srd - Sardinian

  • srp - Serbian

  • slo (B) | slk (T) - Slovak

  • slv - Slovenian

  • som - Somali

  • sux - Sumerian

  • swa - Swahili

  • swe - Swedish

  • gsw - Swiss German; Alemannic; Alsatian

  • tgl - Tagalog

  • tam - Tamil

  • tha - Thai

  • tib (B) | bod (T) - Tibetan

  • tur - Turkish

  • tuk - Turkmen

  • ukr - Ukrainian

  • umb - Umbundu

  • urd - Urdu

  • uzb - Uzbek

  • vie - Vietnamese

  • wln - Walloon

  • wel (B) | cym (T) - Welsh

  • yid - Yiddish

  • yor - Yoruba

  • zul - Zulu

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